Doors, internal, external and garage doors

All types can be made to suit any project and in any style i.e. glazed, panelled, ledged and braced, Gothic style, Tudor style and many others. All our doors are of mortice and tenoned construction and other traditional methods of construction. Many types of wood can be used depending on their usage and application. Some of those that we have used in the past are softwood, British Columbian Pine, Yellow Pine, Tulip Wood, European Oak, American Red or white Oak, Cherry, Maple, Ash, Walnut, Iroko, Sapele, South American Mahogany and Far Eastern Mahogany.

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Main Pic - Oak glazed and panelled door with a lead covered roof.

Inset 1 - Ledged and braced garden gate and frame in Iroko.

Inset 2 - 6 panel door with raised and fielded panels in frame with pilasters on linth with a portico roof.

half glazed door

Half glazed door

Oak tudor headed door

12 panel Oak Tudor headed door

Circular headed, frame ledged double glazed doors

Circular headed, frame ledged and braced door. Frame in European Oak

pair of circular headed double glazed doors

Pair of circular headed double glazed doors as part of a Conservatory

margin door

Margin door.

entrance door

Entrance door in Mahogany.

double doors

Double margin door in Ash.

narrower door

A one off, showing a narrower door of the same design required by client in Poplar

12 pane door

12 Pane Door.

12 pane door

4 Panel Victorian style door in Hardwood.

12 pane door

4 Panel Victorian style door in Pine & MDF.

Stable door in Oak

Stable door in Oak.

Pair of entrance doors

Pair of entrance doors.

Bi-Fold doors

Bi-Fold doors.

Bi-Fold doors

Bi-Fold doors in British Columbian Pine.

Double Entrance Doors

Double entrance doors.

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